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Kashan Bezh Travertine

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This stone is from travertine stone mines which are located 10 km far from the city of Kashan. This stone is famous for the Kashan Bezh Travertine and it has fewer hole and porosity comparing with other kinds of Travertine. Also, solidity is another positive point of Kashan Bezh Travertine.
Its application is in the facade and exterior space.

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Place of Origin           Iran

kashan Bezh travertine

Kashkan Bezh is from the Travertine category, but it is a low-porosity with low holes. Because of Kahan Bezh quality, it is very popular with a good market outside of Iran. The stone is used for facade and exterior walls. It is also used as a floor stone. This stone is cut in different dimensions of slab and tiles, and its processing is polished and tumble. The stone is also used for designs such as French pattern. Also, it cut into two types of corrugated and non-wavy, and it is sort by type of cutting.

Its important features including:

  • Good rubbing capability
  • High resistance
  • Low water absorption
  • Very beautiful colors and designs
  • Ability to cut in various sizes and thicknesses
  • Decorative application

This stone can be cut in size of slab (30 * 60, 40 * 80) and etc.

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