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Architectural glass

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The glass used for construction, from external glazing to interior decoration and industrial uses.

Delivery Term                                       EXW FOB CFR CIF
Place of Origin                                      Iran

Type                                                       Laminated

structure                                                 Solid

Application                                              Facades, curtain walls, skylights, windows, and doors, etc.

Function                                                  Decorative Glass, Heat Absorbing Glass, Heat Reflective Glass

Architectural glass 

There are different types of buildings glass include Insulating glass, Laminated Glass, Wired Glass, Float Glass, And etc.

Insulating glass: Insulating cover glass reflects heat from the building back into the interior, preventing heat loss and making people more comfortable. Their insulating power can be further enhanced by filling the inter-glass space with noble gas (argon or krypton).
Laminated Glass: Laminated glass is safe. it`s made up of several sheets of glass separated by one or more plastic films (PVB) so that if it breaks, the pieces remain attached to the film. Depending on its composition, it offers protection against falling out the window and even resists explosions.
Float glass: Float glass is the main universal glazing product. It can be used in interior design, industrial companies and etc.

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