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Electric Lights

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Lamps or commonly light bulbs.

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Electric Lights

There are different types of lamps including Incandescent light bulb, Halogen lamps, LED lamp, Fluorescent lamp and etc.
Incandescent light bulb: Incandescent bulbs are being phased out in many countries due to their low energy efficiency. Less than 3% of the input energy is converted into usable light.
Halogen lamps: Halogen lamps are usually much smaller than standard incandescent lamps, because of successful operation, a bulb temperature over 200 °C is generally necessary.
LED lamp: LEDs are now being used in lighting applications such as car headlights and brake lights, in flashlights and bicycle lights, as well as in decorative applications, such as holiday lighting
Fluorescent lamp: Fluorescent lamps consist of a glass tube that contains mercury vapor or argon under low pressure. Electricity flowing through the tube causes the gases to give off ultraviolet energy.

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