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Wire and cable

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Transmission of electrical power or signals

Delivery Term                  EXW FOB CFR CIF
Place of Origin                Iran

Application                      Home appliance, Construction, industrial

Type                                  High voltage, low voltage

Conductor Material        Copper, Aluminum and etc.
Wire and cable
There is a considerable difference between wire and cable.
It is a single conductor with one strand or sometimes multiple strands composed of copper or aluminum conductive material to assure low resistance and cost and maintains its own identity for conducting electricity. It can be said that wires are a component in cables for easy and safe use and is measured by looking at the diameter.
Wires are categorized into two types: Solid wire and Stranded Wire
Solid Wire: Solid conductors are less flexible but tougher than the stranded conductor. Solid wire is a single-strand wire, constructed as one piece of metal.
Stranded Wire: Stranded conductors are more flexible, durable, larger in size and more costly than a solid conductor.
It is a group of two or more insulated conductors used for transmission of electrical power or signals. The conductor is normally classified as per the gauge number, wire number, and color and there’s lot more design depending on the intended application.
There are many types of cables such as:
Twisted pair cable: These cables are used for carrying signals and has two cables twisted across each other.
Coaxial Cable: These cables have single copper conductor at the center protected by the insulating plastic layer between the center conductor and braided metal shield. Coaxial cable is difficult to install but can support greater cable lengths between network devices than twisted pair cable. It comes in two types: thick coaxial and thin coaxial cable.
Multi-Conductor cable: These cables are made up of the multiple numbers of conductors with insulation sheaths placed in a single cable. The cable is used for different applications such as machine control, data transmission systems, communication system and etc.
Fiber optic cable: These cables help to transmit signals by a bundle of glass threads surrounded by several layers of protective materials. The cables transmit signals to much a longer distance than twisted pair cable and coaxial cable. Fiber optic cable comes in single mode fiber and multimode fiber.

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