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Forty plants Honey

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Honey from different plants.

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Place of Origin                                   Iran

Forty plants honey

Honeybee has used many nectar herbs including clover, sainfoin, Cloza, Thyme, Lavender, Ziziphora, Plantago Ovata, Common wormwood, Violets, Milkvetch, Tragacanth, Hollyhocks, Chicory, Viper's-buglosses, Common sage, Alfalfa and many others plants to produce Forty Plants Honey that are found in area of beehive Ahota.

Honey usually is called based on what flower is used to produce the honey. However, there are several plants and flowers in the spring which make impossible to determine the type of nectar and pollen which have been used. Forty Plants Honey are combined from several flowers and plants. Thus, this special honey is called Forty Plants Honey.

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